Your Foot Fetish Is a Big Industry Online

The foot fetish industry seems to be growing, and people are willing to admit that they share this quite common kink. Here, we will answer all of your questions about foot fetish, the industry, and how you can sell/buy foot fetish content on the internet.

Obsession With Feet

It might seem strange to you to know that there are foot models out there. These men and women take pictures of their feet for others to enjoy. But why is this the case, you might ask? The answer is simple. Some people are attracted to feet — quite a lot of them actually. If you find this strange, there is a high chance that you are part of the minority. Studies show that foot fetish is the most common fetish you can find. One in seven people fantasizes about feet in some form.

The reason for the existence of footish is not known. As with other fetishes, no one really knows why people are attracted to various things. For some, foot fetish is about liking the look of feet; for others, it is an obsession, and there are even those who like smelling their partner’s feet.

At first glance, it might seem strange or unusual, but you need to remember that the fashion industry is one of the biggest ones in the world. It keeps producing new, attractive shoes and footwear. Even people without foot fetish find shoes important. Of course, some people find more enjoyment than others in seeing the photos and videos of feet.

Is There a Foot Market?

Selling pictures online is now more common than ever, and of course, this includes feet pictures as well. But how do you pay a model to post or send pictures of their feet? The answer depends on the platform a model uses. Each platform has its own payment system, and there are many ladies (and boys, why not) earning money by selling this type of pictures.

So you can pay for this type of service however you like. Regardless of your preferred payment method, you will undoubtedly find a platform that supports it. People selling foot pics realized a long time ago that the market is fertile and that they can earn a decent sum by doing it. No one in their right mind would stick to a single method. This means that you can use credit cards, cash apps, and sometimes even PayPal to get pictures of this body part. A model can also post their wishlist on Amazon, and their customers can just buy items they need instead of sending them money.

Naturally, based on the model, you can get photos, videos, and some will even do custom requests that allow you to see your deepest fantasy come to life.

Big Business on the Internet

If you still have trouble understanding how big of a business this is, let’s take a look at a couple of facts. A couple of years ago, there was a report about a woman from London who earned £100,000 a year by selling her worn socks and shoes. She buys them for a couple of pounds each and then wears them a while before selling them. The socks are £20 (roughly $26), and the shoes are around $200.

She received a couple of compliments about her feet and soon realized that she should open an account on social media just for her feet. Soon, the business started blooming.

She is not the only one with such a clever idea. Foot fetish is also big on Instagram. There are many pages on the platform focusing exclusively on foot fetish. Many girls enjoy taking photos of their feet and earning a lot of money in the process. And the best thing is they can keep their clothes on. People with foot fetish don’t mind if the model is dressed. You can still cater to them without breaking the terms and conditions of the platform.

The modern age brought many incredible things, and with technological improvements came new porn. Pornography has always followed tech innovations closely, and thanks to the advance of the internet, selling porn has never been easier. For some, porn means a couple of pictures of someone’s feet.

Countries With the Most People With Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is not necessarily linked to certain cultures and nationalities, and there are people with this kink all over the world. However, you can still find places where this fetish is more popular.

In the US, for example, foot fetish is popular in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and others. Some people would say that foot fetish is quite big in countries like Japan and Brazil, but it is difficult to determine.

The main problem with measuring this kink is that foot fetish will always win if there is a fetish survey. In the U.K., people have voted feet as the sexiest body part. And it seems reasonable — since foot fetish is the most common kink in the world, every survey will end up with foot fetish as the top result.

So, following this logic, if you are looking for the country with the most people with foot fetish, then the answer is probably China and India (countries with lots of people).

Where to Find Feet Pics for Sale (And Where You Can Sell Them Too)

There is only one question that remains, and that’s where you can find foot pics for sale (or which sites you can use to sell them). The answer is quite simple — nearly anywhere. There are many websites dedicated to feet only, and porn sites are filled with foot fetish videos.

However, if you are looking for something more specific, then you might want to find a dedicated foot model. Besides online foot fetish sites, you can also check out cam models. They are willing to indulge your fantasies for tips. All you need to do is send them money and enjoy whatever floats your boat. Most models are comfortable with showing their feet, so you won’t have any problems.

One of the newest trends in the porn industry is OnlyFans. You can always find models there who interact with their customers and sell pics for money. Similarly, the site offers you a chance to start your own page and try your luck in the industry by selling your content.

The site is easy to use, and it offers a couple of payment methods, so it is a lot easier than chasing people around on Instagram.