How to Give an Amazing Foot Job

The time of sexual taboos is long gone. Social stigmas can’t survive the openness of the modern world as all sorts of kinks and fetishes flourish. One of the most popular perversions people all over the world enjoy is giving footjobs. No matter if you’re gay, straight, male, or female, incorporating feet into sexual intercourse is all too common nowadays.

Therefore, our article aims to explain how to provide the best possible experience for your partner, using your/their feet. From preparation and foreplay to the act itself, we’ll provide you with all sorts of tips and tricks to make your next session one to remember. Don’t worry — you don’t need to be an A-list porn star to move your feet the right way. In reality, this sexual fetish is pretty easy to play out, and it feels good.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the waters of foot fetishists, high heels, and genitalia!

Foot Job Preparation

Just like with all other kinds of sexual activities, you must first prepare both yourself and your partner. Since we’re talking feet here, hygiene and pedicure are imperative. Making sure your feet are clean and your nails are cut is essential to have a safe and enjoyable feet session.

The thing is, you’ll be touching your partner’s genitalia, mouth, and other body parts with your feet. Hence, you must make sure they’re nice and tidy. Smelly feet aren’t an option unless it’s what makes your lover hot. In the end, that’s up to you. Nevertheless, sharp nails can be pretty dangerous for the person on the receiving end, and that’s not what we’d consider desirable in our book.

Foot Foreplay

Once you’re ready to have some foot fetish sex, it’s only fair to begin slowly. After all, foreplay is the foundation of all good sex, no matter what kind we’re talking about. So taking things nice and easy is what the two of you need to do. How does one include feet into foreplay?

This kind of kink doesn’t have to start with their genitals. Moreover, it’s better if you start teasing other parts of their body first. For instance, allow them to caress your feet first or give one another a foot massage. Make them kiss, lick, or suck on your toes too. Furthermore, touch their feet with yours gently.

You can always allow them to wash your feet. They can also apply moisture to them with skin care products or shave them. Some people even see painting nails as a form of foot foreplay. After all, it’s about idolizing the part of the body the fetish revolves around.

These are the ways you can use your feet during foreplays.

How to Give an Amazing Foot Job

Having fun with your feet and toes can go in all sorts of directions. It’s a pretty open fetish, if we can say so. However, there are certain techniques you can apply to make sure it all ends with a massive explosion of cum and penile liquid. So be sure to check some of the following feet ideas out.

Firstly, you should understand that using soles (bottom part of your feet) is the most effective way to do something with them. If you do so, you’ll be able to push your partner’s penis towards his belly. This way, you can gently go up and down with the use of just one leg. This is the most basic yet effective way to milk a man’s penis using your feet.

Another great idea is to allow him to suck or lick one of your feet while you finish him off with the other. Moreover, both of you will feel useful during the act. If you’re into it, you can let him spill his load onto your feet and toes. Just remember that they’re going to get a bit sticky afterward, so you’ll need a cloth to clean them.

On the other hand, feet play is great for massaging his prostate. You can press the skin between his testicles and the anus and slowly change the intensity. This will make him orgasm way better since a male’s prostate is somewhat similar to your G-spot.

However, don’t forget about dirty talk. No matter who your parent is, he’ll find talking like that sexually arousing. Also, include some candles or bondage too to make it more exotic and sensual. Don’t forget to place his cock between your toes and stroke him like that if your toes are long and slim.

Footjobs for Your Girl

Although we’ve been talking about penises and feet all this time, it’s not exclusive for feet to massage cocks only. In case you’re a lesbian or a straight guy, you can please your female partner with your feet too.

Slowly rubbing her vagina and clitoris, you’ll blow her mind. The key is to be gentle. There’s no need for extensive force as you might hurt your partner accidentally. So remember to be gentle and go up and down, and she’ll come in no time.

Footjob With Shoes On

Sexual interest in feet doesn’t end with bare skin only. Some people who are attracted to feet enjoy footwear as much as anything else. Hence, having your shoes on while having some kinky sex can prove to be even more exciting than you’d guess. Just like with bare skin foot action, you’ll need to take precautions first.

It’s important not to wear something that can endanger your partner’s genitals. So if you use high heels, be sure you’re as gentle as possible. Sure, some like it rough and all, but safety comes first. However, heels have an advantage over other types of shoes. For example, you can put his penis between the heel and the bottom of the shoe and stroke him much easier than with flat shoes.

Final Words

It’s important to take precautions before you go full-on with your feet. Hygiene and trimming your toenails are key. It’s also good to know that foreplay is always a thing, even with feet play. After all, kinky sex should be more like a lengthy, otherworldly session than a precalculated one-two game. So have fun and move your feet, people!