Do You Have a Foot Fetish?

There are many different fetishes and kinks out there, but foot fetish is the most common one. If you never heard of it, you’d be surprised knowing how many people have it. 

Foot Fetish Description

All of us have different kinks. You probably know about the age-long dilemma of whether boobs or ass is better. But did you know that many people have an interest in feet? You probably did since foot fetish is the most common one.

For a person with a foot fetish, sexual interest is focused on feet. Similarly to how some people love big boobs, while others prefer small ones, people who are into feet have their own preferences. Sometimes it is the size of the foot, long or small toes, type of toenails, high arches, or any other part of the foot. 

Furthermore, an individual with a foot fetish or podophilia might enjoy foot massages, toe sucking, or any other similar activity. But this can apply to the receiving end as well. For example, shoes and socks can also play an important role. 

There is also another kink that’s often related to the foot fetish, and that’s olfactophilia. People with this fetish enjoy odors and smells, and they enjoy smelling feet or socks. 

Foot Fetish Is a Common Sexual Kink

But even if you find all of this unusual and strange, you are probably well aware that there are people who think otherwise. The reason for this is because foot fetish is the most common philia in the world. According to research and sex educator, one in seven people have fantasized about it at least once in their lifetime. In fact, almost fifty percent of people who report a fetish mention one that includes feet. 

Interestingly, foot fetish is more common in men. However, not many ladies will refuse a foot massage after a long day of wearing uncomfortable footwear. Moreover, many find feet attractive, but for aesthetic reasons and without any hidden sexual motives. 

Why Are Some People Drawn to Feet/Foot Play

With so many people interested in feet, many ask what the motive that drives them is. From their point of view, foot play is simply the thing that turns them on. But is there a deeper reason why this fetish exists? The answer is maybe. People have been wondering about fetishes for years, and there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. 

For example, Freud tackled fetishes before, but he believed that the reason was something from childhood (Freud loved talking about our early years). Some scientists claim that this is an abnormality and disorder, while others see them as perfectly normal preferences. 

There is no true answer, and who knows when we’ll finally understand why people are attracted to different things. Fortunately, in the past couple of decades, people became more open and understanding. Nowadays, having a fetish might not be the end of the world, and you most certainly won’t be crucified if you are into feet. It’s not really a big deal. Some people love feet the same way others would always pick a strawberry flavored ice cream. 

Bringing Up Your Foot Fetish to Your Partner

So, you have a footish (Get it? It’s foot + fetish!). What is the best way to bring this up to your partner? Assuming that you think sexy feet are awesome, you will probably want to involve this into your sex life. The best way to introduce your partner to the kinkier side of you is by taking it slow. 

Keeping it all for yourself will leave you unsatisfied and frustrated, and eventually, you’ll need to talk about it, or it will cause problems. But instead of just breaking the door and screaming that you love feet, you can take a more tactical approach. Start talking about your partner about kinks. Ask them if there is anything they find attractive or arousing. After that, you might say that feet can be sexy. You don’t have to go all-in to see how they feel about it. 

There are many foot fetish stories online. You can let your partner read one to find out how they feel about it.

Things to Try With Your Partner If You Have Foot Fetish

Once you break the ice, you will need to think of what kind of things you’d like to do with your partner. You probably have a few things in mind, but there are always more ways to spice it all up. 

Probably the most obvious thing you can try is a footjob. This act is similar to a handjob, but the person will use their feet instead. Your partner might need a bit of practice before they can do it properly, though. 

People in the BDSM or Submissive/Dominant scene would probably love foot worship. 

But things can go more vanilla, and both you and your partner will still enjoy it. A perfect example is a foot massage and wearing different types of shoes and socks (if you are into it). There are so many different things to try out, and the only question is what you and your partner are into. So take your time, experiment, and learn more about your kink. You can always check out foot fetish porn or comic websites like foot fetish booru to get more ideas.