What I Learned from Dating a Man with a Foot Fetish

Would you ever date a guy with a foot fetish? I did. At the beginning of our relationship, I had no idea what was going to happen, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Let me tell you a story about my ex and how he loved feet.

Feet Are Supposed to Be Gross, Right?

I spent most of my life thinking that feet are gross. Isn’t that what everyone thinks? We walk around wearing shoes and socks, and the smell after a hard day’s work is unbearable. A couple of my friends want to throw up even when they hear the word “feet,” and it’s not rare to see a girl go green in her face when she sees them. 

It’s rather strange how someone can be into something completely non-sexual. Of course, I don’t have a nauseous reaction to my own feet, but I can’t say that I’m their biggest fan. From time to time, I’ll paint my toes, but that’s only if I plan on wearing sandals or something open during the summer. 

While I know that people who are into feet exist, I never understood what the attraction behind it all was and how someone could find toes arousing or sexy. For a long time, I disapproved of the idea of dating a foot fetishist since it seemed like the weirdest thing in the universe. Don’t get me wrong — I love shoe shopping as much as the next girl, but that’s where I draw the line. At least that’s what I thought for such a long time. 

My Ex Had a Thing With Feet

A few years back I dated a really awesome guy. We seemed perfect for each other (at the moment), and I really felt great. The whole couple thing lasted for over a month before we had “the talk.” Naturally, the story started going in a different direction firstly. 

We talked about strange job offers, ideas, interviews, and such. He talked about his weird manager and how he couldn’t wait to leave the job. The story ended with him running away from work and never looking back. It was a hilarious story that reminded me of a time I went for a “feet” audition. 

I explained how I received a rather strange interview for modeling, and something was a bit fishy from the start. There were a few questions about feet in the pre-interview survey we had to fill, and I thought that it was for shoes we should wear. As soon as I heard the word high heels, I was in. I did a bit of modeling before, and I thought I should try it again. 

When I arrived, I realized that the job was for a foot fetish website, and I was to be their next foot girl. The very idea of guys doing things to my feet was appalling. But I noticed the reaction of my ex, and I knew I stumbled upon something unusual by accident. He shyly admitted that my feet are attractive and that he thinks he has a foot fetish.

Foot Is One of the Most Sexualized Body Parts of a Woman?

We all say stuff we don’t mean. And it was the same this time. I felt terribly sorry for saying how it was weird, and I had no idea he felt that way. In all honesty, it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as I believed, or at least I liked him enough to feel that way.

Once I got home, I did some research, and the results shocked me. It turns out that it is quite common among fetishes. After boobs and butts, most guys will find feet to be the most sexual part of the body. Can you believe it? The articles I found claimed that feet are the most common kink when it comes to non-sexual parts of the body. 

It seemed that it wasn’t nearly as strange and unusual as I’d thought it to be. The more I thought about it, the more benign it seemed. After all, we all love foot massages and foot rubs, especially after spending an entire day wearing uncomfortable shoes. 

Unfortunately, It Took Over Our Sex Life

I decided to give it a try. I put on my best nail polish (I thought it was the equivalent of sexy underwear) and started teasing him with my feet. He loved the idea, and it was quite fun, to be honest — until it wasn’t. 

At first, I enjoyed the idea of trying out new things and making him happy. He loved doing stuff to my feet which I won’t explain here. But as time went on, it started to be more and more important for our relationship and sex life. 

We started with foreplay and ended up finishing off using my feet only. I stopped being an important part of the relationship. The only thing that mattered was my toes and heels. I can’t begin to explain how bad it made me feel, the entire idea of me reduced to a single body part that’s not even supposed to be sexy… After a while, I grew tired of all the foot play and footjobs, and we decided to go our separate ways. 

I really enjoyed the whole relationship while it lasted, but his fetish was the end of it. I didn’t want to spend time feeling like that, but in the end, I’m glad I tried it.