Finish Him off With Your Feet!

If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life and you know that your boyfriend has a thing for feet, the choice is obvious. Here are a couple of things you can do to drive him crazy with your feet.

When a Hand or Blowjob Is Not Enough

Handjobs and blowjobs are fun. There is no denying it. But sometimes, these two options are not enough. This means that it’s time to try out something else. Yes, we are talking about footjobs. Foot fetish is the most common kink when it comes to non-sexual body parts, and you’d be surprised to learn how many guys are into feet.

There is a good chance that your boyfriend might be into feet, and it doesn’t mean that he needs to have a full-blown fetish. However, teasing him a bit might be an interesting addition to your sex life.

If you have never done anything similar, the experience can feel quite kinky, which is something both you and your partner will enjoy. This is why footjobs are important. There are many men out there fantasizing about feet, and you can make your significant other happier than you can imagine. Even if he’s not completely into it, it is a bit different than your usual foreplay, which might prove to be a great change in the routine.

Don’t Be Embarrassed by Your Feet

One of the first things you need to accept is that your feet are beautiful. There is no reason to worry about how they look and whether they are the right size and shape. If you are concerned about how your man will feel about your feet, there are two possible scenarios.

In the first one, your boyfriend is into feet, and he will love everything about them. For him, feet are the most sexual part of the body, and he would love it if you’d involve them more in your sex life. But what happens if this isn’t the case?

Well, you won’t need to worry about it at all. If your significant other isn’t a foot fetishist, he won’t care at all. For him, your feet are as beautiful as the rest of you. As you can see, there is no reason to be embarrassed by your body parts, and hopefully, it will make you a bit more confident knowing that you win either way.

Tease Him With Some   

If you aim to tease your boyfriend in a whole new way, you will need to know a place to start. Fortunately, the basics of foot play are quite simple. You will use your feet in the same manner you would use your hands or mouth. Start by touching him gently and running your foot over his leg. As the situation heats up, you will move it slowly towards his private area.

Here’s an article from metro about the basics of foot play.

You can also put your feet over his chest, down his stomach, and so on. Just keep in mind that people who are into feet find them arousing, and it will be a dream come true. This also means that your man won’t object to you putting your feet over his pants or even his mouth. Foot fetishists love sucking toes, and you will be able to put him in the right mood in no time.

Just Like With Handjobs and Blowjobs, Take It Slow

Once you are ready to try a footjob, the best course of action is to start slow. The logic behind it is simple, and it is identical to handjobs and blowjobs. Naturally, in this scenario, you will use your feet instead of your hands or mouth.

The best position for a footjob is sitting in front of your partner. Lean back a bit and find a comfortable position using your arms and butt for support. You will quickly find a position that will allow you to use your feet and legs in the best possible way. Again, you can start by teasing him and putting your feet between his legs.

While Doing It, Ask What Else He Wants

There is no shame in asking for help or guidance. Each person is different, and that applies even to those sharing the same kink. Some might be into a specific type of foot play, and the easiest way to learn what your boyfriend likes is to ask him.

You can also suggest that he uses your feet in a way that makes him feel best, and you’ll be able to learn what types of movements he enjoys. Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn about specifics like what kind of grip and speed are necessary to drive him over the edge. The key to a healthy relationship is communication, and the same thing applies to sex. So don’t be afraid to consult him about every single detail you want to know.

Get the Balls Involved!

While having fun with your partner’s private parts, don’t forget to include everything in your foot play session. Balls are often overlooked, and many girls focus on teasing only their partners’ penises. Teasing every part of his body can be so satisfying, and he will love every second of it.Needless to say, it might take you a bit of practice to learn how to satisfy him properly. This is why the best option is to start slow since you don’t want to accidentally kick him during the play.

Let Him Cum on Your Feet

Many girls dislike the taste of cum, and they aren’t fond of facials. This is why foot play is a perfect opportunity to make your man happy while not torturing yourself with something you don’t enjoy doing.

To finalize the event, allow your partner to ejaculate on your feet. For foot fetishists, this is the pinnacle of sexiness, and he will cherish you until the end of times for making him so happy. The best thing is you can easily wipe your feet in just a couple of seconds. There is no harm in it, and your boyfriend will know how to appreciate the gesture. For him, it will be the sexiest thing that has ever happened.