How to Know If You Are Ready for a Bigger Butt Plug

Wearable butt plugs are fun, and many people across the world enjoy using them. If you are one of the people interested in dominance and submission play, double penetration, or any other type of anal activity, you probably already have a butt plug. Here, we will go through everything you need to know before you go for a bigger size of the toy. 

The Type of Sensation of the Current Butt Plug Provides

One of the first things you should consider is how you feel about your current toy. If you just started with your anal training, there is a chance that your body got used to the size of the anal toy. Or it could be that the sensation the plug gives you is not what it used to be. If this is the case, then it might be a time to get something better or bigger. 

Usually, the rule of thumb is to start with the smallest possible toy and increase the size over time. People inexperienced in anal play can train and become used to their current toy. So, if the person is not feeling stretched enough, or the anal stimulation is not pleasurable enough, getting a bigger toy might be the best idea. 

Consider Using a Butt Plug With a Different Design

But getting a bigger toy is not the only option you can try. The market is rich with different types of butt plugs, and you can always try something different. Assuming that your body got used to the toy you already own, getting one with a different shape can make a world of difference. Most butt plugs have a flared base. That allows the toy to remain in place even if you move around or even run.

Pointing out the most comfortable butt plug would be nearly impossible since each person has their own preferences. But, some tips might help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Firstly, the toy should have a tapered tip. Butt plugs with a blunt tip will be hard to insert, and if the toy is too sharp, your anus will beg for a new one. Similarly, the neck of the toy also needs a taper. While toys without a taper can be easy to insert, the problem begins when you try to remove it. The sphincter will close as soon as the bulb goes through, and you might have issues trying to take it out. 

Finally, be sure that the toys have a wide base, and that it is wider than the bulb. That way, you will avoid losing your toy forever in the anal depths (you won’t lose it, but you will have to visit a doctor).

Consider Using a Butt Plug Made of a Different Type of Material

Another shortcut to experiencing a different type of anal pleasure is to try out new materials. Newcomers usually get a silicone plug, and it is the safe way to go. These toys are softer, easy to use, and work with water-based lubes. But if you want to feel something different, switch the material of the plug. 

For those with more experience, metal or glass plugs can be mind-blowing. These toys open a new world of pleasure and various ways of using them. Both metal and glass dildos are perfect for temperature play since they won’t break if you heat/cool them. The only problem with them is that they are rigid, and some people won’t like the feeling. On the other hand, many enjoy the smoothness and perfect texture of these plugs. Moreover, metal plugs can be a lot heavier than silicone ones, for example, and they add something different. 

Using different materials might be enough for you to enjoy the toy instead of going for a bigger one. Other common materials are latex, which is probably the one you’ll encounter often, but some people have a latex allergy, which makes these toys the worst possible choice for them. 

Consider Using an Inflatable Butt Plug

Now, if you already tried different materials and are still looking for something more, there is an answer to your prayers. Inflatable butt plugs allow you to increase their size to the one that’s perfect for you. When you insert the toy, it is rather small, and you will do it without any effort. Once the thing is inside, you can use a pump to push the air into it and change its size. 

Of course, if you feel that it has become too much to handle, all you need to do is turn on the valve on the tube, and it will release the air from the toy. Inflatable plugs give you great control, and it’s almost as if you had all sizes in one single toy. You can adjust it to your needs and desires, and it will offer you a unique, fuller feeling, unlike any other butt plug. 

Don’t Jump to the Largest Butt Plug Size

Starting small is not for beginners only, and you shouldn’t let your eyes be bigger than your butt. Take your time and gradually increase the size of the toy until you are ready to take the largest possible butt plug. 

Many make a mistake of overestimating their anus and going for a huge plug that won’t be able to provide the sensation and pleasure they’d expect. So take your time and build your way up. Sex toys aren’t going anywhere, and you should focus on long-term pleasure. Wearing a butt plug is like going on stairs, and you should take one stair at a time unless you wanna fall and break your nose (or anus in this case).  To view more butt plugs that you can choose from, you can go to loveplugs website.