How to Get a Job as a Foot Model

We can all agree that freelancing isn’t always the most lucrative business option. Sure, you have a skill you want to utilize, but often, it’s just not enough. How can you find a side (or primary) hustle that will ensure you can pay your bills? We have a great idea — try selling feet pics!

We’ll say that this job might be more for the ladies, so gents will have to sit this one out. However, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely excluded. The market is just more open towards female models.

How do you get started? What’s the pay like? Do you need to have certain things to qualify? We have all the information right here, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get started. Let’s not waste any more time and dive deep into the wondrous world of feet pics.

Pretty Feet Can Get You Big Bucks

We’ve all heard about the practice of selling feet pics. Often, the things we hear are too good to be true. These feet models seem to be making a living off of this! Well, guess what? You could do that too.

People have had fetishes since the beginning of time, so it’s not out of the ordinary that they’ll pay to satisfy them. One thing leads to another, and suddenly there’s a whole industry built on feet photos. Foot fetish isn’t the only one there is, but some might argue it’s the most profitable.

Selling pictures of your feet isn’t that difficult to get into. However, there are some of the things you need to take into account first. Every beginning is hard, especially when you’re doing everything on your own. Still, we’re sure you’ll find that the pay is most definitely worth all the time and effort you’re investing.

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How Can You Be a Foot Model

Foot fetish modeling seems like an easy job everyone can do. But is it really like that? We’re about to find out.

When it comes to foot model qualifications, we wouldn’t say there’s anything special you need to have. Although, you do need to take good care of your feet. Having beautiful toes and ankles is something that will get you far in this industry. But how do you know if your feet are pretty enough? Beauty might be subjective, and people might like different things, but one thing you have to do is stay clean.

Make sure your toenails are always in check. That doesn’t mean you need to paint them, but clipping them regularly is a must. You can also invest in foot masks, creams, pedicures, or massages. Having the perfect feet isn’t easy, mainly since we use them almost all the time.

There’s no need to be a specific shoe size since your kinky clients probably won’t pay much attention to that. Who knows, though — some might even be into a certain shoe size.

All it takes to be a good foot fetish model is nice feet, but also the right marketing strategies. You’ll find that simply telling people you’re selling won’t make them buy.

People Who Made It Big With Their Feet

When it comes to payment, it all depends on you. Foot fetish websites do exist, and you can decide to advertise yourself through them. However, they will usually ask you to buy premium features to qualify as a premium model. That means you’ll need to spend extra cash that you may not have.

There’s no universal price for a regular feet picture. You’re the one that determines that, but we don’t recommend going anywhere below $10 per foot featured in the image. Yes, pricing feet individually will ensure you earn more.

In case you’re wondering how much can you actually make, there are reports of a Canadian woman making as much as a whopping $90.000 per year selling foot pictures! That means she’s able to pay bills and live her life comfortably. Now, imagine if selling feet pictures was just her side job. That means you, too, can do this!

Selling feet pictures doesn’t take much of your time. Spend several hours on social media per day, and you’ll be all set. With good marketing, you can make $500 per week. It all depends on your clientele. We strongly suggest you give this industry a try. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Getting into body parts modeling, especially within the fetish community, can make you some serious money. We know it all sounds unreal because it’s so easy and profitable. However, there’s still a lot of work going into things behind the scenes.

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Ensure you never give any personal information, such as your full name, address, or phone number. Avoid payment apps that ask for such things because you never know what people out there are like. Things can become unsafe pretty quickly if you’re not careful.

Selling feet pictures technically isn’t considered sex work, so there’s no need to feel any shame about what you’re doing. Any work is honest work, as long as you approach it that way. We highly recommend you give this kinky job a try. You’ll find that it’s just as easy to quit at any time for any reason. You’re your own boss.