Latex safekeeping techniques: How to properly care for your latex pants

Safekeeping latex pants might seem complicated if you’ve never had latex garments before. But there are a couple of tricks you can use to ensure that nothing happens to your favorite outfit. There are several techniques to clean latex pants, and here is everything you need to know about the process. 

Keep your latex away from sharp objects

If you want your latex clothes to last for a long time, the first thing you will need to do is take care of them. Latex is a delicate material, and you can easily destroy it. With other materials like leather, for example, scratches and small damage can still look good. Worn-out leather looks amazing, and you can even find models that are designed to look used. 

But with latex, the situation is a bit different. It’s either new or nothing. That is why you need to keep your clothes away from sharp objects. Zippers, buttons, and anything sharp can ruin everything in no time. And scratches on latex will be more than noticeable, rendering your clothes worthless. 

Avoid sunlight exposure

The next thing on the maintenance list is to keep your clothes away from sunlight. Thanks to the nature of latex, increased temperature can lead to discoloration and even permanent damage. That means that you can easily destroy your clothes using a blow dryer or by exposing them to a strong UV light. 

While you will still need to clean your clothes after each use, using soft towels will provide better results. It will allow you to dry your clothes without damaging them in the process. Wearing your latex clothes during the day doesn’t need to spell doom for it. The clothes won’t melt as soon as you go outside. But you should avoid it.

Continuous exposure will ruin it, and you should try to minimize it as much as possible. 

Isolate latex pants when storing them

Avoiding contact with sunlight and sharp objects is reasonable. And expected. But using your pants properly is just one step of the way. You will need to think about storage as well. Storing your pants will do wonders for their lifespan. The trick is to isolate your latex pants and put them somewhere safe where they will be dry and away from sunlight. The simplest solution is to use talcum powder, rub it all over your pants, and place them in a plastic or garment bag. 

After that, you can place the bag in a drawer or a dresser, as long as it stays away from sunlight. Naturally, you will store your pants only after they are completely dry. That will help you avoid discoloration of the pants. On latex, any type of change, damage, tear, or discoloration will stick out like a sore thumb. This is why you need to follow every step of the process. 

Hand wash is recommended

Using a washing machine usually means that you will expose your clothes to higher temperatures. And while this is fine with cotton shirts, it will ruin latex. In addition, adding a bunch of pants to a washing machine will cause your pants to rub against other clothing, which can only result in more tears and damage. 

Of course, you will need to wash your clothes regularly, so there is only one option remaining. Cleaning latex pants means that You will need to hand wash them. We recommend you use lukewarm water, soak your pants in it, and add mild soap. Try to find a soap that won’t damage latex, which is a model without chemicals. 

Liquid dish soap will do the trick, and you just need to put it in warm water and submerge your pants. Just remember to be gentle. 

Always use silicone lube or talcum powder

Now it’s time to talk about using latex pants. Since the material is often skin-tight, you might need some help putting the pants on. To ensure that the material won’t stick to itself and that it slides to its place without any problems, you can always use a dressing aid. Visit to find the pants and leggings that best suits you.

Two of the most popular dressing aids for latex are silicone lube and talcum powder. Using silicone oils will allow your pants to slide into their place without any issues, and it will add extra shine to the material. The main downside of silicone oils is the price since they are often more expensive than talc. 

Talcum powder, on the other hand, is cheap, you can find it anywhere you want, and it’s easy to use. The main downside of talc is that it doesn’t last as long as silicone lube, and it might be washed away if you start sweating a lot. The only thing to remember here is to avoid oil-based products since they can destroy latex. Silicone-based oils are similar to silicone lubricants, and they won’t damage the material.

Avoid copper, brass, or bronze

To ensure that your latex pants remain shiny and spotless, you will need to avoid copper, brass, or bronze in any shape or form. These materials can damage the latex and cause discoloration. Of course, if we talk about sharper objects, they can cause scratches on the material that can’t be repaired. 

The problem with these metals is that they can permanently stain the material. And it is especially noticeable with lighter colors of latex. To make things even worse, you will need to avoid touching your pants even after handling these metals. Coins, medallions, jewelry, or anything else made from bronze, copper, or brass can transfer the color and permanently stain your pants. So, ensure your hands are clean before touching latex. 

Use wooden hangers

Finally, you should use only wooden hangers. Other materials can have sharp edges and unwanted materials, and they can damage your pants. As we mentioned earlier, latex can be quite delicate. And you should be extra careful if you want your pants to remain usable and spotless. 

Hangers are necessary after washing since you will need to avoid blow dryers and other drying methods. While non-lint cloth can help a lot, it will still not dry the pants completely. Furthermore, it will allow you to hang your pants neatly and avoid creases during drying. 

While it might seem complicated at first, caring for your latex pants is not that challenging. You just need to be careful and remember these tricks we mentioned here.