5 Signs Your Man Has a Serious Foot Fetish

Dealing with fetishes and fetishists can be challenging, and not every girl is fond of them. Today, we will focus on foot fetish and all the subtle hints that might point at your boyfriend’s secret kink. Let’s start from the beginning and see all clues and signs that will tell you if your man has a serious foot fetish. 

He Examines Your Pedicure or Questions Your Shoe Size

One of the first signs that your boyfriend has a foot fetish is if he shows interest in your feet’ attributes. Just pay attention whether he examines your pedicure or not. It is a clear sign if he notices when you paint your nails and compliments the color of your nail polish. Furthermore, the common question foot fetishists love to ask is about the shoe size. 

The majority of guys don’t care about the size of your foot, and if you asked them how your toenails look, they would answer “painted.” Compliments are always a clear sign of interest, and someone with a foot fetish won’t be able to resist saying that your feet are perfect size or that the color of the nail polish is amazing. 

Of course, the intensity of the fetish varies from person to person. It doesn’t have to mean that all he will be able to think about are your feet. It might be a simple kink or a full-blown foot fetish. So, just pay attention to whether he loves examining your pedicure and giving compliments about your feet/legs.

His Hands Usually Land on Your Foot When the Two of You Are Lounging Around

The next thing you might notice is his need to touch your feet as much as possible. His hand might land on your foot “by accident” more often than you’d expect. Usually, guys would go for different things when messing around, and no girl would be surprised if a guy touched her butt or boobs during sexy time. 

It is perfectly normal for people with fetishes to go straight for the prize. If someone loves butts, you can be sure that they will do their best to get their hands on one. And the same thing applies to people with foot fetishes. 

If your boyfriend is unable to resist the urge to touch your feet, it might be a sign that he likes them a bit more than you’d expect. Needless to say, it is normal for your boyfriend to love every part of your body, and they might dedicate some time to playing with your feet as well. But if he spends too much time on this specific body part, it might prove to be a clear indicator that he has a naughty secret.

He Likes Sucking Toes

Now, this one might be a big sign that your significant other has a thing for feet. Guys that don’t have a foot fetish will never put their faces anywhere near your feet (not that there is something wrong with them). But the urge to do that is completely missing. On the other hand, for feet lovers, this might be one of the hottest things in the universe. 

For them, feet are not just sexy. They might be on the same level as intercourse. Believe it or not, that’s how fetishes work. Ask yourself if your boyfriend has ever kissed your feet or went straight to toe sucking. If the answer is yes, then everything is quite clear. 

Another common sign is if he grabs your feet before the fun starts or even before he climaxes. The object of fetishization can be powerful, and it is just the thing they’ll need to get them over the edge. 

He Fondles Your Feet

Any type of contact with feet is unnatural for people who don’t have a foot fetish. It’s quite simple. Of course, we aren’t telling that foot fetish is unnatural or weird, but it isn’t something any guy would do. 

When we talk about fondling, we don’t mean like a foot massage, but something a bit more obvious. Your boyfriend might go for your feet rather than fondle your nipples. Now, some girls don’t like it when guys touch their feet. The reaction foot fetishists get is usually more negative than positive, and there is a possibility they’ll be subtle. 

The main problem for guys with this kink is that some girls find feet to be gross. And those that have the opposite opinion might be ticklish, which will make any type of foot play nearly impossible. 

He Gets Offended When You Don’t Accept His Fetish

The main problem for girls is the talk when they discover their boyfriends’ kinks. If you recognize your boyfriend while reading this text, there is a high chance that he has a thing for feet. Now, the main problem here is that if you aren’t on the same page as him, there is a high chance that it won’t work between you two. 

For people who are passionate about their fetish, controlling themselves and living without the object of their fantasies is equal to torture. Of course, there is also a chance that he will get offended if you don’t accept him the way he is. You need to understand that this isn’t something he chose, and he can’t be less into feet. 

If he feels attacked at any point, he will get defensive, which will only spell the end of your relationship. Naturally, if you are not into it, you have all the rights in the world not to be. No one should force you to do something you don’t enjoy, and splitting up might be the best possible option for both of you.

What to Do if Your Man Has a Foot Fetish

In essence, there are two options you can pick. You can either accept it or not. It is up to you. Both options are equally valid, and the only thing that matters is how you feel about the whole situation. If you are one of the ladies that find feet gross and hate the idea of someone touching them, then you already have your answer. You can’t go against who you are, and it would be wrong to torture yourself. 

On the other hand, accepting your boyfriend and his fetish can be an incredible experience. If you find the idea of teasing your significant other with your feet arousing, there are so many things you can do to spice up your sex life. 

The best thing is that your boyfriend will be more than willing to finance new shoes, pedicures, and everything that will keep your feet happy. And if you are thinking that he would hate the idea of touching him there, you’d be dead wrong. For those that are willing to dive into the subject, the options are nearly limitless, from light teasing to footjobs. As long as both of you are enjoying it, the sky’s the limit to what you can do.